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Choosing where to begin looking for a new home can be an overwhelming task.

Whether you’re from a city in Tarrant or Parker County or looking to relocate to the area, there are new developments being built and neighborhoods being completely renovated all the time. 

The good news is that there are a wide variety of options and price points but the housing market in Tarrant and Parker County is very competitive right now. Prepare yourself for the patience and flexibility it may take to find the home you’re looking for. This is also where it’s crucial to find an experienced realtor who is familiar with all the various living options in the area. 

Elm Crest Court, 76132_edited.jpg

A few things to consider when doing your research include:

  • Your budget (most important!)

  • Desired location

  • How much of a commute you’re willing to have to work, school and/or conveniences such as grocery stores, restaurants, shopping, etc. 

  • The amount of space you need/want (IE - Is this a starter home or a forever home?) 

  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms needed 

  • Whether you’re willing to put time and money into updating a home or looking for a move-in ready home

  • Type of neighborhood you're looking for

    • For example, are you looking for urban or suburban living options? ​

    • Do you want a smaller, lower maintenance lot size or are you willing to invest your time or money into a home with a larger lot that requires more maintenance and landscaping?

Use this neighborhood resource section to help you familiarize yourself with the many different neighborhoods in the greater Fort Worth area. 

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